Required text: How to think about The Great Ideas by Mortimer J. Adler.

4 weeks. FREE. Suggested Materials: Internet readings, guided tour. Christianity is demonstrably on the decline in America. This course documents that decline, probes the causes, and suggests solutions. Based on the content found at, this course is centered heavily on discussion between the participants.

4 weeks. $100.  This is an introductory course for learning logic and critical thinking skills to aid you in defending the Christian Faith.

Required reading: A Rulebook for Arguments by Anthony Weston and Come Let Us Reason by Norman Geisler and Ronald M. Brooks, plus online material provided by the Instructor.

Recommended reading: Asking the Right Questions by M. Neil Browne and Stuart M. Keeley

6 weeks. $150.  This course evaluates various philosophical perspectives that have had a bearing on the credibility of the Christian worldview.   Specific examples include Hume, Kant, Popper, Flew, and Plantinga, but this course also includes a general overview of philosophic systems, since it is not possible to address every relevant instance. While the introduction to Logic course is highly recommended, it is not required.   

Required Reading:  An Introduction to Philosohpical Logic by A.C. Grayling, The Golden Rule of Epistemology, by Anthony Horvath (available as pdf within the class), The Problems of Philosophy by Bertrand Russell and Flatland, by Edwin A. Abbot.

4 weeks. $100.  This class surveys the development of the New Testament documents and the formation of the canon in a basic, introductory fashion.  It then proceeds to discuss basic principles of literary interpretation and applies those principles to a number of alleged biblical contradictions.

Required Materials: The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable? by F.F. Bruce. 

4 weeks.  $100.  In modern times it has become fashionable to dispute that Jesus even existed. This course will survey the evidence for his existence and go further and discuss the evidence for the existence of Jesus as Christians believe him to be. Some challenges to the Christian view will be raised and addressed but the emphasis will be on a straightforward analysis of the evidence. TWO 90 minute lectures by Dr. Gary Habermas exclusively available to the academy are provided in this course.

Strongly Suggested Materials.... The Historical Jesus by Dr. Gary Habermas, Jesus under Fire by Wilkens and Moreland, The Quest of the Historical Jesus by Albert Schweitzer, and others.

6 weeks. $100. Have you ever wondered how a society comes to openly discuss the sale of aborted baby parts, 'aborting' children even after they are born, or calculating the worth of a person based on how many more years he is expected to live? Why are children with birth defects aborted at extremely high rates--upward to 90%?

This course will track the philosophies and ideologies that have brought us to our current state, beginning with Thomas Malthus in 1800 and ending in our current day with contemporary examples that show that the answer to this question is the answer to other questions such as, "Why do we ration care for the old?", etc.

Expect to do a lot of reading in this course--much of it available on the web. This is a guided tour through the culture of death by Anthony Horvath, previous president of Wisconsin Lutherans for Life (2011-2012) and Director of Policy Intersections Research Center.

Required Reading: 

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4 weeks. $100. Before there were the 'New Atheists' there were the old ones. This investigation into the atheism of Dawkins, Harris, etc, looks into the foundations of modern day atheism and its pervasive hostility to theism and Christianity.  Participants will interact with atheistic thought over the course of some 2,500 years.