$150. Experienced producer and screenwriter Robert A. Kramer provides this introductory course to the screenwriting craft.

6 weeks. $125. Suitable for both Christian writers and Christian apologists, this course delves deeper into 20th century Christian authors that remain influential today because of their nonfiction and fiction. Just why do these authors have an enduring impact? What was their secret?

The course participant will grapple with what the following authors thought about 'literary apologetics': C. S. Lewis, Dorothy Sayers, G. K. Chesterton, and Flannery O'Connor. 

The course will put forward this challenge to both writers and apologists: given the effectiveness and enduring impact of these authors, shouldn't we more deliberately consider adopting their vision, perspective, and approach?

This is a capstone project for those in our literary apologetics certificate program, and not open to the general public.

4 weeks.  $100. Begins Dec 2nd.  This writing workshop is led by Christian writing contest judge and book reviewer Debbie Thompson and/or ACM's Director of Literary Apologetics, Ebony Murdoch.

In this intensive four week course, writers will be encouraged to analyze good short stories and will submit their own stories for feedback from course instructors and participants. For more information on the course itself you may visit: http://www.christianwritingworkshops.com/

6 Weeks. $100. This course will read, analyze, discuss, and then finally model Chesterton's fun and insightful essays with participants writing their own Chesterton-inspired essays. The model essays are found in Tremendous Trifles which are available free for download on Amazon Kindle and also for purchase in book form.

6 Weeks. $100. This course is an introduction to reading fiction through the eyes of faith to discover and discuss issues which concern both believers and unbelievers. While the possiblities for this are endless, here we will try to focus our eyes on the nature of faith and evidence.

Required books: Dracula by Bram Stoker, A Skeleton in God's Closet by Paul Maier, and New Evidence Which Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell.

4 weeks. $100. Why do people gravitate to story?  What is the best explanation?  What are the implications?   When one hears the word 'myth', many think it means 'an untrue story.'  A better definition might be a 'story that moves you.'  But why should a story move anyone?  What should the Christian's approach to story (and the arts) be?  This course studies all of these questions, drawing on the insight of writers such as C. S. Lewis, John Warwick Montgomery, and other. 

4 Weeks. $100. In this four-week writing workshop, participants will learn how to make their writing process more effective and more productive, leading to more powerful, compelling writing. This course focuses on the stages of idea generation, drafting, revision, and copy-editing: participants will learn how to improve their writing with distinctive strategies for each stage. This is a workshop class: participants will post examples of their own work in progress, receive feedback, and comment on each other's work. (Note: the fourth stage of the writing process, Wordsmithing, has its own course which can be taken before, after, or concurrently with this course.)